I draw!


The OTHER Tumblr! Mostly NSFW stuff!

Ponies, Pokemon, Furry, and bunch of stuff I like!

I am doing a thing. A thing, over here. 


I will draw…Pony things, Furry things, Pokemon things, every things!

You’ve seen my art , so you have a feel of what all I am willing to draw!

Sad Pearl sitting on a pearl in space.


It’ll be filled with radical artwork by so many awesome artists! 

Meet ..GANTRY!

An adorable ..mish mosh of feline and vulpine, Gantry loves to draw! More so, Gantry loves to draw with other people! Gantry enjoys collaborating with all kinds of furry artists to create all kinds of furry art! Gantry goes nowhere without a pencil, which is kept neatly tucked in the tail fluff. Curiously, the pencil never loses its point! 

Gantry would sure like it if you supported THE ANTHROLOGY! which showcases a whole bunch of their favourite artists! 

That Sugimori Art Book

How do I even order from Amazon, Ive never ordered  from them so I dont know how I do it, do they ship internationally?

Do I have to make an account?

Wacom Woes

Does anyone have an Intuos 4 tablet and Windows 7…where the driver randomly isnt found when the computer starts up, so it has to be installed again. Or where the driver disappears mid use?

How do I fix this?

Wacom needs to get their expensive shit together

His name is Husoky. 

He glows when he is excited.


Did I mention that I liked Sonic a lot? The comics/tvshow.

I frequently drew the core Freedom Fighters like this, as if they were on some some kind of movie fact I actually drew them all on a big poster board once.

I drew them very anime-y.

All the time.